🎉Hopscotch Halloween Party!🎊


This is the real Hopscotch Halloween party! Here you can post
• GIFs related to Halloween
• Photos that are related to Halloween
• Halloween projects
And anything else related to Halloween! @KawaiiRose is our DJ, she will be posting Songs ad some HS music. You can ask me to Halloweenafy your pro pic! That's right I'm taking requests! Have fun!!!!!!!!!
This party ends November 1st, 2016 at 12:00am

🎉Hopscotch Halloween Party!🎊 (PLZ DO POLL! ITS POST 77 OR 78)
New Year's Party

Hello :D




Welcome to the partay fren!


I'm very glad to be here xD


I should probably make a halloween related project...
nah xD



No regrets m8 happy HALLOWEEN


...but it's only the 16th...


oh I'm sure
I'm going to code a trail art bat/pumpkin/somethung halloween related idek later, but right now, I can't ;o;


No. No it is nOt. Now, repeat what I say.
It is now halloween... It is now halloween.... This is not an excuse to throw around halloween gifs...


https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/yau4swyn8 boom jack o' lantern on my Halloween account!


Hello :D


...I love Halloween but it's still only the 16th...


eh shrugs I do think this topic is a little early, but I'm not going to demand @Explorer_ to abandon this topic until the 31st. But I don't plan on being super active in this topic until a few days before halloween.


Hoi peeps :3

Idk what to make for Halloween :000000


@CreativeCoder isn't Halloween a weekday? We can't celebrate Halloween during school, after school when we are preparing for candy, or in the night when we are filling our buckets, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Halloween is a Monday. The weekend before should be totally free. But meh. I'm just going to leave here until then.


Also it is a day where kids actually go outside


@CreativeCoder whatever you say X(D

@Anonymous sooo true I need to walk like ten miles on Halloween (not even including the school parade..)


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