Hopscotch Halloween Contest 2016 #HHC2016



Just asking, what was last year's prize?


I remember one year, each of the winners got to make an avatar! I'm pretty sure the WeirdFreewPop made Cosmic Cody! I'm not sure what last year's winners got though...


Really? That sounds really exciting!


Last year, the prize was a t-shirt, like this year! :D


last year wasn't a t-shirt


That is the topic for last year's contest, although it doesn't list prizes.


This sounds fun! But what should I make? I only have about 10 days to make it...


Yay! I have been waiting to hear if we were going to have a contest. Wait I only have 11 days I better get started.


Looks amazing! I wanna try!


I'm working on my submission: Here's the work I've gotten to..



They didn't have t-shirt last year...


I think that was for the Holiday Contest...


That was for Christmas.


I've actually been preparing a project for this, just in case. I'll release it on the 30th.


I'm so excited! This is my first HHC =D I just hope I have enough time...


I meant that it was sort of an IOU thing, where they said they'd give you one when they made them.
You're right, they didn't actually have t-shirts made last year.


Hey can you enter more than 1 project?


@Montoya , I do not have the new update yet - I only have the one form last year so how do I get the characters??


@Liza , I think you should make this the top banner !!


Any ideas? I really want to enter but I don't have any ideas? Also If we win does that mean we have to give our ■■■■■■■ to THT or is it only people in a certain country? Coz I don't really wanna give out my ■■■■■■■ you know what I mean.