Hopscotch Halloween Contest 2016 #HHC2016



The creepy characters are out to play, so you know what that means…

It’s time for the Hopscotch Halloween Contest!

Last year, you blew our minds and submitted thousands of cool projects. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create this year!

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Create a project - a game, some art, a movie, whatever you want. If you want to use the Halloween characters, remix this project.
  2. Publish your project with #HHC2016 in the title by 6pm EST on 10/31. This part is SUPER IMPORTANT since we’re only going to judge published projects with #HHC2016 in the title.

We’ll choose a beginner, advanced, and expert winner and they’ll all receive Hopscotch t-shirts. Woot woot!

What will you make? A haunted house? A ghost game? A spooky monster quiz? If you’re stuck in a rut, ask the forum for suggestions to get in the Halloween spirit.

Happy (haunted) Hopscotching! :ghost:



YAY! I'm so excited for the Halloween contest. :jack_o_lantern:I really like the gif in the post @Montoya!:grinning:


Glad to hear it. @Rodrigo made it :slight_smile:


It says the project was made in anew update, but there is not a new update.


WHOOPS. I will fix this ASAP. Thank you!









Yay I love contests!! @Montoya


It says I need to update but I'm already on the lastest version but when I click on App Store it just says open??!
Is it only for subscribers??!
This is weird when I play the remix!


going to create some awsum projects


It's a bug, @thomas is fixing it now


Wow it's started!

I failed so much last year. Maybe I'll do besser this year!

Cool gif!


Nope. I have a few of them but not all. Which is why I need this.


Ok @Montoya!


OK should be working now!


It should work now!!!!!!


You did it!

Unfortunately my drafts are not loading and my hopscotch is glitching.....

I really want to do it tho!


Well if you need help getting Hopscotch working for you, let me know. Also don't forget to install the latest update from the app store :slight_smile:


Sounds great! I'll start working on my trail art or game really soon. :smile: