Hopscotch Halloween Collab!



An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it did'nt help me.
Because I was in the hospital, watching my sister with a concussion.

So, I guess that brought me up to this! (I dunno why.)

I'm being Frisk from Undertale and I want to know what you guys are being! Yes, there has been similar topics to this but I'm going to bring it up again!

It's not going to just be a talk, it'll be a contest too.
If you post ANYTHING on here, you are challenged to draw you in your Halloween costume and post it on here!

When your done with that, redraw it (unless you did it on there) on hopscotch and use the hashtag #Potato'sHalloweenChallenge

This was really bad idea, but I think people will have fun with it!

Btw, I'm working on a new profile pic if you are tired of this one.


I'll do it! Can I ? Should can




I like it!

A ghost?


Well, that was a bad question, I know it is.


Working on mine, soon.
I'm Frisk, so you'll see a pic of a girl with short-ish hair.


Great Idea! I hope that you are feeling ok and that your sister is alright as well!


(Sorry late reply)

I hopes she feels better as well :blush: