Hopscotch Halloween Challenge


Hello there everybody! Today I am doing something different. I will be hosting my first hopscotch challenge! Happy halloween everyone! :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:
If you would like to join, please reply and I will add you to the list.

All projects due 10/31/2016 and must be halloween related

Tomorrow night is the deadline to enter. Top 3 projects get a shoutout and a follow, the first will get a project made just for them. When you are finished with your project, reply with the link to it. If early, you may still edit it until the 31st and edit your reply with: my edited version: [link]
You will receive a like from @Yellow_Mellow if you get into the challenge
Your ranks will be posted on 11/2/2016. Thank you if you join! if you reply with anything you will be automatically in the challenge.


People in the challenge:


I cant wait to see the winners


I guess I could try.


I'm too busy
sorry ;n;

tag list


Please if you are just going to say dont post tag list twice. Then just read and say your entering or leave now not to be rude but im serious.


Please dont use the tag list twice.


Well, only 1 person cared 1 says shes too busy and another just comes to rant. Yeah seems fair i cant use it twice. Come here to say youre entering the contest. Not to be rude.


Sorry, Im not trying to be rude. Its just rules.


Im not going to participate, sorry. Please take my username of the list.


If people don't reply they're either too busy or not interested. Sometimes you gotta accept that :slight_frown:


This is not me applying...


Sorry but that's just not happening. Like it or not you cannot force anyone to do anything. Please take my name off the list. Thanks.



If you come here you must read it before you reply:

Thank you if you join! If you reply with anything you will automatically be in the challenge

This is why you read before you post.


Can I please join? This sounds like fun!


Please don't post the list twice. And the reason I didn't reply the first time is because I'm to busy. Sorry.


Why was I put in? Was there a rule change or something saying if you comment you'll be in? I can't do it, sorry. Otherwise I'd be happy to.


Still ain't happening.


Why did you put themasterofairjuzu and kvj if they didn't want to join. You can't make them join and it's their choice if they want to join or not. They also might be busy so you have to respect that. :D


If you reply, you auto join.


Sounds fun, i'll join :D
But please do not use the tag list twice.