Hopscotch Hall of Fame


You know I've been thinking of something very great....

As of many people know...

@SmileyAlyssa's HS Oscars are very big on HS

I've decided I wanted to make one too!

Why? Because if I just combine this with the Oscars it would be normal.

This chance is for newcomers/not well know people to come and compete.

This might have a little connection between the Oscars.

For example if you won the Hall of Fame you could have a higher chance of being in the Oscars.

I need another host because I couldn't start this whole new thing in my own

I will pick a host who wants to volunteer..

Then we will start

Only one grand winner can also win on the Oscars

Of course you could have a chance of getting in the Hall Of Fame even if your as popluar as @MagmaPOP but you can't win in both unless your the grand winner for The Hall Of Fame. For mine their will be a...

Best Example
Best Game
Best art
Best Visual looks
Best Anything (anything that's really good)

The Hall of Fame will happen every 2 months.

To start this we need:
25 likes on this post
100 replies
75% or more on yes on the poll


  • Yes

  • No




100 likes?! There aren't even that many active on the forum! :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe 50 :stuck_out_tongue: ?


I don't think anyone has ever gotten 100 likes here. Especially when you ask. But I would vote yes on the poll! Great idea!! :slight_smile:


I'd say 25! 50 is also an unlikely number! :wink:


@Razor, copy and paste this poll! No credit needed! :wink:

- Yes

- No



Unless your the most famous hopscotch in the history of hopscotch on the hopscotch forum or on the hopscotch app
If you are the most famous hopscocher in the history of hopscotch then it could be possible to get 50 likes on hopscotch XD



Well, I meant on the forum. There is a small amount of people here, and even MagmaPOP hasn't gotten great topic! :wink:


Nobody has gotten the gold badge involving 500 or so people clicking on a link :laughing: