Hopscotch Guessing Jar 2


Okay, about who made this Featured Hopscotch Project? I'm pulling projects from wayy back in January!! So use your memory!! Only one guess, no looking it up. I will know if you look it up and cheat. Now good luck and the prize is: A really hard project I'm working on gets dedicated to whomever wins!! (It involves pixel art! ! ! ! )


Great topic
@TitanBoy did!


Oh he made this topic to!?!?!



Titian boy made that!




TitanBoy made it

EDIT: saw Murphy1 said the same thing, but don't worry I already knew that because I remember when it was Featured. :D


Murphy beat me. XD


Okay thanks!!! Okay!! New project!! Murphy I will feature you in my project I'm making!


New project. No looking it up on hopscotch.


Creations of a noob?


Wait wait I know this...


Remember, only one guess. I will let it slide. But when you do your final answer type it like this...

FINAL: x,y,z


FINAL: puppy pizza poop

(Or something like that)


You need to have the excact name. Or something closer to it. But I will tell you, that is not the name.
Srry, maybe the next project pic..