Hopscotch guessing game/Raffle!


Hi! This is a forum game :blush:

How this works:

  • I will say the category. The category could either be game, hopscotcher, or other.

  • I will give clues. If the category was hopscotcher, I would give clues about a hopscotcher, and you have to guess.

  • The other category could be anything in hopscotch. If I use that category, usually I will put a clue that hints what kind of thing I'm talking about.

  • Some questions may be hard, some may be easy.

The prize raffle!

  • Once you win 5 or more points, I will enter your name in a raffle. Once I get five people In a raffle, I randomly will choose a name, and tell them there prize.

  • The prizes will also be picked randomly using some sort of raffle website. You might get a huge prize, or a small one.

  • A new round starts every time a winner is picked, so there will be lots of rounds.


  • I know there are guessing games, but this is my version. If you have a question, ask!

The first clues will be given soon!

Point board!

@PenguinGaming713: 1


Kewl! :::::::::::D


First guessing game:

Category: Other

  • I am a character on hopscotch

  • I dont have a gender


This is so COOL!


Is it a qusid?


A jumpydukz? I don't know....


Nope, it's a character on hopscotch!


Oh. I don't know then.


Hut? The car? :D


Oh! Is it Space Pod?


Nope, but you're close! Think of the other character that isn't alive!




The Venus flytrap thing? :smile:


Is it the Venus fly trap?

this is gonna take a while


Nope! So close though!


I know! It's...Banyan!


The venus fly trap is alive! You are under arrest for fly trap discrimination!


Yes, it is! I will add you to the leaderboard soon, I have a horrible headache.


I have a horrible sore throat ;-;


is it the hut that looks kinda like a house?
EDIT: I just noticed the hut isn't a character :0
I will guess the crocodile or the robot