Hopscotch Guess the Project



I think @QueenShaeShae means that this is a contest right?


I hope you realize I did SBYP. Bc it would be bad to duplicate. ,:scream::scream::scream:


Yes this is a contest. Kind of like the HSB math problem thing.


You may have searched before you post, but maybe you didn't find this:

Basically people post a random coded color, and people can guess. It the same has this, except there isn't always a prize for guessing.


Oh sorry, i didnt know that, i havent read the entire topic and it doesnt say anything about HS in top post. You might want to say that so nobody else says its not related :wink:


Okay cool!!!


Ack I apologize @bluedogmc-official!!!! Sigh, @PopTart0219, you can close the topic if you want. *happiness slowly dies..... beep beep beep... beeeeeeeeeeep.


It's ok. You don't have to close it! I guess it kind of different because it's a project/prize! I was just pointing out that there was a similar topic! What's your HS username?


Queen LaShae. Dot included. What is yours?


I'm Bluedogmc



Okay cool @bluedogmc-official, did you guess yet btw?



I'm thinking:

100,50,100? Idk tho :blush:


Okay well when you figure it out, post your final answer.


H: 304 S: 87 B: 89


But this basically is a duplicate


Well close it if you want. Personally idc. I am very flexible.




350, 90, 100


Everyone, like @PopTart0219 said, this topic is basically a copy. Soo, I'm changing this to guess the hopscotch project. But I will announce the winners to all participants in the contest!


The answer is: 324, 97, 89

@happyfacegirl with 325,100, 90 has won!!
@Rainboom with 325, 100, 96 has also won!!