Hopscotch Guess the Project



Okay, about who made this Featured Hopscotch Project?I'm pulling projects from wayy back in 2015!! So use your memory!! Only one guess, no looking it up. I will know if you look it up and cheat. Now good luck and the prize is: A really hard project I'm working on gets dedicated to whomever wins!! (It involves pixel art!!)



Elle XD!!


325, 100, 90? :thinking::thinking::thinking:
this isnt HS related at all so it should be closed but i want to win so i wont call it out


there's already a topic liek this but I forget who made it and when


This isn't really hopscotch related....


What? That's kind of creepy


Is the prize on hopscotch? We don't really know if this is HS related....


I'm just kidding. That's just a way so no one cheats. But if you get the excact number it's kind of obvious you cheated.


This isn't HS related but I will guess for fun



This is also a duplicate topic!





Yes it actually is. Im dedicating a really hard project I'm working on to whomever wins.


Yeah that topic

I'll close it when she says what it is


Say what? And also this is different bc you have to guess the hsb number from the picture. And you don't just code random hsb and then guess it.


Beyoncé must Know-les the anwser


This isnt HS related at all but i want to win so plz dont close


The other topic is the same, but it's a chain game, so there are many different colors to guess.

Pop tart is saying that she is going to close this. Duplicate topics always get closed!


How is it not HS related? The prize is in hopscotch.


It's hopscotch related, but it is a duplicate. Idk if anyone is going o close it tho!


Ok. I see. No one liked the joke