Hopscotch Goals



My Hopscotch goals are to get followed by @SmilingSnowflakes and @Pingu
(My favorite Hopscotchers!) And to get a like from The Hopscotch Team! These are my Hopscotch goals what are yours!?

Hopscotch goals topic

Here's a like: :hearts:! And my goal is to get on Rising, Trending, and Featured, except I got on Trending two days ago, so it's 1/3 done!


My goal is to get followed by the Hopscotch team

I have other goals too, but they aren't really important.

I've reached my goal of getting featured!


@SmilingSnowflakes follow her! :D


I would like to get followed by @SmilingSnowflakes and @OrangeScent1


My goal is to get on featured...


I want to get featured, and I want to get a like from the hopscotch team. :wink:


My goal is to get my 5th feature.
To become someone people look up to
To inspire to others
help everyone I can
And maybe someday Game Changers

Goals completed:
Followed by THT
Likes from THT
4 features
To become someone people look up to
350+ trendings


Your already looked up to! By me and many other people. :wink:


I am? Wow, I never knew that... Thanks.


My goals:
- Third feature by May
- Two ex-auto follows following me
- Finish everything in my drafts XD

Completed goals:
- 2nd feature
- Followed by 1 ex-autofollow
- Followed by some AMAZING ARTISTS!
- Having fun :slight_smile:


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@Giraffedolphin26... What was that I heard? Another ex autofollow just started following you? :scream::wink::smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My goals:
- Get 6th feature (7th? Read below)
- Get onto Game Changers
- Become a leader

Completed goals:
- Became an autofollow
- Followed by many awesome people
- Featured 5 times (Technically 6, but I asked THT to take it out because I didn't make a lot of it.)
- Followed by THT


checks activity
Thanks so much! Your games are super awesome! Thanks!


OMG! Look what happened!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I can't believe this!!!!!!!!!!! Is this real!!!!!!!


Cough cough
Check cough activity cough again.

Man, my throat is killing me! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Le Goals
  • Get another feature...sometime :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Have a few of my idols follow me (mystery people...)
  • Become a leader (maybe...)
  • Get 1000 likes on a project (ehh I dunno)

Le Finished Goals
  • Have lots of support from awesome people
  • Get my first feature
  • Likes and follow from THT

I don't know. I'll probably be changing these...a lot.


My Acheived Goals
•get followed by THT
•get 3, or is it 4 featured
•get more than 25% of my projects on trending
•help a new hopscotcher with code
•get 3000+ Likes

My New Goals
•do another collab
•get the movie finished
•get another featured
•make a game changer
•invent some new code idea in hopscotch that hasn't been done before


Ok here is my official list:

  • Get followed by THT

  • Earn fifth feature

  • Somehow get on Game Changers

  • Become a leader before summertime

Completed goals:

  • Followed by a lot of famous people

  • Get featured

  • Have 3000+ likes on one project

  • Be on top of trending