Hopscotch goals!



In this topic you can post your hopscotch goals such as "get on featured 5 times!" Or any other goal that sounds cool to me thanks to @Kiwicute2016 and @Rawrbear
For the insparation!

And if you enjoy please fly a plane and drop a like like a bomb from a airplane and it will slide right on the like count! Thanks! From the fluffy bear

What are your Hopscotch goals?
Hopscotch goals topic
Post your hopscotch goals and if you got them!
Post your hopscotch goals and if you got them!
Hopscotch bucket list! Edit your goals in now!

Wow people get on airplanes quick!!


My goal. Hmmm. Do more advanced coding out of Hopscotch!


No problem! Did the manipulate clones and values thing hit you? :smile:

And that's @Kiwicute2016 and I's goals: figure out how to manipulate clones and clone values individually! :smile:

EDIT: I think that was also @Kiwicute2016's goal. :sweat_smile:


That is always a great one!


My goal is to get featured and inspire others to be happy annd keep coding


That's a awesome one!!!


Here, have a like! :heart:


Thank you @Huggingfluffybear


Clones. Seriously. What are up with you, clones?!

I want to make my own programming language someday! Maybe even inside of Hopscotch...




No problem!! The fluffy bear is here to help!


A Proggraming language that would be fun but my thing is you half to program a Proggraming language and the Proggraming language that you are using to code your Proggraming language uses a Proggraming language!


I want to be featured again, be on Game Changers and Rising, and that is all...


It's one of my Hopscotch goals!


Some of my Hopscotch goals
  1. Make Hopscotch in Hopscotch
  2. Make Minecraft in Hopscotch
  3. Program something that allows you to drag multiple objects at once

These are my main Hopscotch goals, but I have others! :slightly_smiling:


My hopscotch goal is to be on Game changers or at least featured :P

Gonna take a lot of work but I'm full of determination


My biggest goal is to get featured but sadly that hasn't happened yet :sweat:


Randomized arrays and double+ taps...
So difficult...
Sort of got the double taps working, but it takes 3 milliseconds to update...
I want only 1 picosecond (impossible, 3 milliseconds is required, but it's so slow) for it to update...


The aura of Hopscotch fills you with DETERMINATION!

[size=4]I had to XP[/size]