Hopscotch goals, games and friends!



Hi!!! so I was wondering, since I would like to get to know everyone, you can post what your hopscotch goals are, what types of games you are making and what games you have you made, and finally a hopscotcher that you would like to mention that has been a great friend to you on hopscotch and/or the hopscotch forum!!!
so my goal is to get on to featured, some games big games I am making are 'the life of mr. water' and 'the worlds hardest game' (I know, some kinda weird names there, but they will make sense when you play them!) and a friend of mine is aqua77.
So what are your goals games and friends?:slight_smile::grinning:


Hey but sorry to burst your bubble but like a couple weeks ago I made a topic of goals!


this isn't just about goals, it's about games and friends to!


My goal is to get featured, I am working on a cinema simulater, and I am friends with everybody! :smile:


those are really cool @Dude73


Thanks! What are yours? :smile:


my goal is to get on to featured, i am working on a game called ;the worlds hardest game' and one called 'the life of mr. water' and I to am friends with everybody!


I am friends with everyone even my enemies and as well my goal is to get followed by @MagmaPOP (he unfollowed me) and get game changers and the hopscocth team start following me!


it would be awesome to get followed by the hopscotch team and @MagmaPOP!


I did get followed by @magmaPOP but sadly he stopped following me! I don't really care though but it WOULD be cool if he followed me again!


If you don't care why did you tag me? (゜-゜) Twice


I don't know becuase I don't like saying just magmaPOP


You're not "saying" it though... Unless you are... :sweat_smile:


So you do care or you don't care? XD