Hopscotch Gaming Competition ₂₇₄



If you are in the app, I want to make sure that the code is not modified. That’s all
(I should really just ditch the link, why would anyone be so terrible?)


I think that the link is actually a good idea. Makes a lot of sense.


Here is my highest yet
Here is the screenshot




lol I mean remix it with the score, though I really don’t care too much anymore


I think that @Legendary_myth is first (541)
I am second (161)
and @BabyButterfly is third (152)


yes (so far)

or I can embed … or not


I am working on boosting that score


I am working on boosting mine too


This game is so hard on a web browser. I spent so long on it. Probably too long. :worried:
Anyway, here you go.


Wow! Why did you do this on a Mac?! Tilt is really important in this game, but congrats you are in the lead.
You are also going to have this badge for next time :game_die:


That explains the difficulty. I probably should’ve waited until I could get my iPad.


Yes, but it is hard regardless. I am very impressed with that score. My best was only 466.
But yes, tilt is very important. @Legendary_myth You have company!

7 edits in one minute gosh!



Ok so you’re in competition now? noted. (I really need to up my 466)


So what is this high roller badge all about?


If you beat one of my high scores, you get the badge. See post 1 – each badge is worth a certain amount of ePoints which can be spent in the shop to boost scores, etc.


WOW! I can’t even get close to that, and I am on a computer!



Holy moly! What device are you on?

@GweTV computer is much harder