Hopscotch Gaming Competition ₂₇₄



I made this a while ago, just give it some practice. This is an HS issue, I cannot adjust how much you have to swipe down or how fast.
Reload (exit tab or project and come back). HS Webplayer is acting up

Tips: Use a mobile device, release your finger after the swipe, HS measures how much you swipe, not how fast. When you release, HS will register the swipe

Please submit link if playing in app for final score to count. I will give you a pass for your current score @Legendary_myth


K…I’ll try



Oof tried to jump there huh?


Couldn’t duck but yeah


New high score:


Don’t you dare start beating me.


You should play it on a mobile device. You really need the tilt to go anywhere


That is my goal…


There is this odd bug with the Webplayer right now where sometimes the project will never run the swipe down action. Test by swiping down immediately. If it doesn’t work, reset the project.

Current leader: @Legendary_myth with score 241. Please submit scores even if they do not beat this, as 2nd and 3rd are also awarded

The Statistics table can also be found here.


Beat this people :smirk::


By the way @Awesome_E my brother just said your game sucks.

It really doesn’t.


Guys, I will do it tomorrow.


Your brother should have shame…


Yes, he should. I’m gonna give him a hard time tomorrow.



New (barely) high score:


Lol. Barely a difference.


Ooh you’re looking for a badge aren’t you (:game_die:)


Please provide a link


Can I just screenshot a pic to you, when I get a high score?