Hopscotch Gaming Competition ₂₇₄



Sure, I just need a full screenshot, uncropped


I just realized I have to start over, since I only saved a cropped version (with Snipping Tool)
Luckily, the poll has not closed, and we don’t know the game, so I could have wasted my time.


I won’t be on for it. Sorry. Please let it stay on for 48 hours after results see which game @Awesome_E Thanks


I need you 6.00.



8 more minutes…


4 more…


Results are always shown unless I delete the post, which I won’t


90 seconds remaining


Under 1 minute…


Prepare to game…


The Game Session has Started

Tag List (Non-Participants)

Participants are not required to play every game.

The Game:

Submit project links in app or an uncropped screenshot if in a web browser. You may begin submitting now and continue to submit until I give a closing message.

Base Score Multiplier: x7

This means a score of 150 translates to a weighted score of 1050
Reason for weighted scores are on post 1


It’s time…

For Zombie run…


That game sure is hard. I can’t get over 100. It also doesn’t respond to my controls very well.


Screenshot coming!


It doesn’t let me swipe down…


I had a hard time to get this. It lags when you swipe down too.


You have to be on the ground after a jump, you can’t swipe down in midair


Current high score:


Just remember that if you beat my current high score (466), you get the high roller (:game_die:) badge.
This badge can be earned by multiple people across multiple games. Good Luck! :grin::+1:


Could you fix the swipe down?
I could get much higher scores otherwise…