Hopscotch Gaming Competition ₂₇₄



Haha, can’t get a higher score that 13… I’ll try later.


This one is easier to get the hang of than the previous one.


Same, my highest so far is a 14, but I don’t want to submit that score


I have claimed the place of 2nd.


That still counts as 60, you don’t get any bonus for difficulty


Oh? ok…

EDIT: How do you survive for over an hour?!


Ha ha I is great


oh my even on easy mode the lazers spawn kill me


That’s it. I’m done with this game. It’s way too hard on just easy mode! It spawns tons of lazers that cover the whole screen at almost all times so it’s impossible to avoid a lot of lazers!
Well, here’s my high score.


You are supposed to play on easy mode and give uncropped screenshots

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Oh yeah yeah


By any chance have you gotten the message that says “Body is way too similar to what you just posted”? @GweTV


I have my ways around it.


I know, I was just wondering if you got that once or twice when doing the Oh yeah yeah


Oh yeah yeah


How to avoid the 3 consecutive post rule: Use @disco⁣bot


Oh yeah yeah
dies laughing






Welp gotta try again