Hopscotch Gaming Competition

I am starting a HS high score gaming competition where we play games made on Hopscotch and try to beat each other’s high scores. You can earn badges such as highest win streak, highest (weighted) score, best total score, most wins, and game picker and get awarded ePoints to boost your next score. Games that are chosen will mainly be from the featured page and by suggestion.

Badge Name & Description ePoints Awarded
:trophy: Previous Winner 5
:medal_sports: Highest Score* 10
:medal_military: Best Total Score 10
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Highest Win Streak 10
:video_game: Game Selector* 2 per round
:game_die: High Roller* 10 per game
:1st_place_medal: Most Wins Overall 3 per round
:2nd_place_medal: 2nd Most Wins 2 per round
:3rd_place_medal: 3rd Most Wins 1 per round

* The highest score badge (:medal_sports:) represents the highest weighted score out of any one game. The Game Selector badge (:video_game:) represents most nominated games played. High Roller (:game_die:) means that you beat one of my high scores. “Per round” means that you get awarded every round you keep it.

Scores of games are weighted:

Details on Score Weighting

This means that with the same skill level in each game, each score will be about the same. For example, scoring 5 in Galactic Robots from Minigames 2 and scoring 1000 in “Keep it Up” by Hopscotcher would yield the same result, a score of 30 (just an example). This is based off of skill and time required to play a game to make badges like “Best Total Score” less reliant off of a fast-scoring game.

A table of scores in various games with the same amount of skill put in:

Game Score Weighted Score Multiplier
Eclipse 6 510 85
Four Leaf Panic 25 500 20
Lasers in Space 56 504 9
Zombie Run 250 500 2

Item Cost (ePoints) Description
Score Doubler 20 Doubles Your Score for the game
Knockout 40 Eliminate opponent of choice
Reroll 20 Changes game to one from a given list
Close 50 Closes the session, no more submissions
Summon 35 I play the game once for you
Discobot 10 Adjust your score multiplier*
Extension 15 Can compete until 48 hours after deadline

* The Discobot item uses discobot to determine your new multiplier. It will roll between a 5 and a 20, 5 being lose 50% of your score, 20 being double.

Came from my GT
  • Hopscotcher
  • Legendary_myth
  • UnicornRainbow
  • tankt2016
  • CoderofMagic
  • TheCMStudios
  • Mindcool24
  • William04GamerA
  • PeppyWafer21
  • UTheDevHS
  • GweTV
  • Sweater
  • A_Metalhead

You will have as much time as I choose for each game. It could be anywhere from two days to two weeks! When I release the game, you may start. First session starts tomorrow. When you achieve any high score, remix the project and post the link here. Only your best score will be checked at the end of each session. 1st is awarded 5 ePoints, 2nd is awarded 3, and 3rd is awarded 1. ePoints can be spent in the shop.

A spreadsheet of player statistics can be found here.


First round competitors, finalized:

Tag List (Non-Participants)

Participants are not required to play every game





Can’t wat for it to start.

I might occasionally do this, when I have time


Sounds amazing! Keep It Up is already worn out by the high scoring though.


You don’t have to play every time. If you want to play at all, go ahead and move your name into participants.


By the way: You may start nominating games to play and they may get chosen. It cannot be made by a competitor and is a great way to earn your first badge if the game you nominate gets chosen.

You can also suggest ideas for badges


Well since we can nominate games to compete against, how about this one?


I don’t know if that would work, only because the bird and spike are too close together. I may choose it, and if I do, nice first badge


Understandable, I tried it out and thought the same thing


This seems like an ok game!

You can choose which mode to be on for high scores.


Can we try my bro’s featured game Run! v4.0?
It’s old but works


Y’all could try my most recent featured project.


We could also play

By @Hopscotcher. I think it would be suitable.


This one? @tankt2016

The game is fun, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think we will have much varety in scores

@Petrichor The platforms were moving to my finger weirdly when I tried it

@BabyButterfly Yeah, but we already competed a little on that game


Can you get a screen recorded gif of it?


The side platforms align in such a way that when I press it, the top of the platform goes to my finger instead of a center or exact drag
Actually it’s center drag and the ball moves too fast, and when it falls off, the score doesn’t reset.
Also, I accidentally triggered the thumbnail lol (and I didn’t even remember how it was supposed to be triggered)


Did you not look at my other post in this topic @BabyButterfly (It was post 5.)
And the high score is already at 32075 from me and @Awesome_E battling each other.

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Don’t think so. I also love how the second post has more likes than the first



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