Hopscotch Gaming Collab!



I am starting a collab! We will be making multiple projects, if possible. To join, all you need to do is fill out this form!
Hopscotch name:
Hopscotch coding strengths:
Coding weaknesses:
Will you be active:
Should we make a collab account or publish different versions:

Tell me if you will not be active, and be nice to others!
And the main rule: Have the worst time of your life! (Just kidding, have the best!)



Just so you know, I do have the power to kick you out of the collab, though I don’t want to!

I am looking for Hopscotchers who specialize in:
Trail art


Post can’t be empty hhh


You are in!


Done my dude. I think I’d be a good member.


You’re in! And different versions mean I publish something, unpublish it then you add something and publish it and so on.


No! That’s really weird. How about we work together on one account instead then.


Wait really


But we would have to create…oh wait, I have one that I never use! We could change the name…let me share the password! I have one project on there…I will the password in a second…

The username is SportsyCoder⚾️
And the password will be in another post…we really have to change the name!


@SunkM-Productions, @Mr.rex tell that you are on, and I’ll tell you the password. Then like it, and I’ll delete it.


I’m not on I mean how could I get service on pluto


Write it down somewhere unless you remember everything. Also, it’s exactly like that.
I changed the name to ‘TheSupremeTeam’. We can definitely change it, just tell the new name!


Hopscotch name: Yusamac205 :man_technologist:t4:
Hopscotch coding strengths: Variables. Clones, Sine and Cosine, Set Angle.
Coding weaknesses:I get distracted way to easi… OOH! Look! Mr.rex is a member
Will you be active: Can’t promise anything, but I should be active most days for 18hrs.
Should we make a collab account or publish different versions:
Why: Publish a project, wait until next person gets it, then unpublish it. Reason being, collab accounts never ever work.


You’re in! Why don’t collab accounts ever work?


They never work because people figure out the password and destroy the project. Even if they didn’t, people would log out and back in. Plus, when two people are working on the same project at the same time, Hopscotch doesn’t know what to do with the draft, so it would be a war of who closes the draft next.


Okay, we will publish different versions, and we take turns publishing projects.



Okay, you are in!

I will put a poll up to decide.

  • Make Collab!
  • Publish and Unpublish different versions!

0 voters


We can mainly work on the collab but we can also publish and republish as a backup plan


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