Hopscotch Games Series: The Hopergent Runner [FORUM RELEASE SOON]



So, this is a story I'm writing called The Hopergent Runner. If you want to join, give me a sample of your writing! I'll check for grammar and spelling!
So far:
Writers: @LotsaPizza @OrangeScent1 @PopTart0219 @Kiwicute2016 @Giraffedolphin26 @CreativeCoder
Editors: @Follow4LikesOfficial @Rawrbear @CreativeCoder @GysvANDRegulus
Do YOU want to join?


Can I join? Do I have to submit a piece if I want to become an editor? My email is kiwicute2015@g.mail.com without the ..


I'd like to join, I don't really care whether I'm an editor or a writer.
Here's a sample of my writing:

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"Are you sure about this, Paige?"
"Of course I am! Now go!"
I look back fearfully as Paige frowns at me.
"Unless you're scared.." she mocks.
I turn back around. I am never scared of anything. Ever.
Gulping back my fears, I looked over my challenge once more. It shouldn't be too hard. At least, the first part.

It had all started earlier that day, when we went to the skate park. Well, I went to the skate park. My friends basically went to watch me.
Paige was shocked when I skated off the tallest ramp in the park. "Wow, Harper!" she said. "Nice job!"
I skated over beside her. "Thanks!"
"You're so good at skateboarding. I bet you could even do a trick off that ramp," she said.
"I don't so. I've never really practiced much on the taller ramps."
"Oh, please! You could totally do it!"
"No.." I persisted.
"Well, I guess you're right," Paige said with a sly look on her face. "I'll never be able to see my best friend perform a once-in-a-lifetime trick."
I turned to look at her. "Is that a challenge?"
She looked back. "Indeed, it is."
And now I'm here.
My challenge is to skate down the ramp, then skate onto the opposite ramp, and jump off.
It's a dangerous trick, but like I said before, I'm not afraid of anything.
Paige counts down for me, and in a flash, I'm flying down the ramp and soaring up the opposite one. As I reach the top, I stop my skateboard and...
Suddenly, I'm falling down. As I hit the ground, the world goes black.
What have I done? I think, just before I lose all consciousness.

(I put in in details so other people don't have to scroll through a long story.)
Also my hopscotch email is gd26hopscotch@g mail.com

"Error Zero" Story (4 writer spots available, 1 editor spot)
Writing Comp! [Y U Flag stories are Hopscotch related .-. All participants move to Different topic .-.]

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And is it google docs or google drive I have to download?


How do I start writing?


I would love to help here's a into for a story I'm writing (not doing everything I have so far its not the best of my writing tho..) hopscotch email is DarkMagic1231@g mail.com (without the space)


Hi, I’m Mae! Me and my 3 best friends are known as the December sisters! You might be wondering why.. This is because we were all born a day apart in December! Our moms were friends when they were pregnant. It’s a weird story but that’s the past.. Summers over next week then school starts again. Kacey won’t be home till tomorrow… Maddy’s not home till next week. And Kenzie’s not back until school starts. Well for me my summers been a bust I had some lame job, making a dollar an hour.
Kacey woke up with a start and walked out to the porch. She looked at the moon and sees her 3 best friends in the face of it. Kacey’s camp friend Sandra comes out and stands next to her.
“What’s wrong” asked Sandra.
Kacey looks at the stars and says “I just miss my friends.”
Sandra sighed “you’re going home tomorrow what’s the big deal?”
Kacey looked worried, “I just sense something wrong with Mae”
Sandra walked back inside and went to sleep. Kacey decided to go for a walk along the grass. That night got darker and colder so she decided to head back. Once Kacey got into her warm bed she instantly fell asleep.


You type letters. Lol


Which is it? Google drive or google docs?


@LotsaPizza if it contains horror can I please write bits of it?


It barely matters. Go to drive and shared with me, and then the doc. Click it then yea lol


I might not be on for portions of the night, but can someone tell me where I should meet up with @LotsaPizza and @Poptart0219?


At the doc! I am on it right now.


I've downloaded google drive now


@LotsaPizza, I know I am editor, but sometimes I get uber bored. I'm not going to write, but may I get a higher rank? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Here ya go! (You've read this already :sweat_smile:)


By Nick *

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, there was...

Absolutely nothing. No planets, no stars, no asteroids. Nothing.

But you know what was next to that absolutely nothing?

An iPad with a black hole on the front.

You read that right! It was a regular iPad, and it was turned on. It had a normal moving picture of a black hole on it. It was really nothing out of the ordinary, honestly. It was just an iPad with a black hole on it that potentially ended mankind. Let's rewind time a bit.

It was just a normal day on the first day of winter break. I was just hanging out with my friend Gabe in my neighborhood. We were standing right outside of my house, and Gabe and I were talking about the new game called Lego Star Wars VII, which added the 7th Star Wars movie into the Lego saga. We were giant Star Wars freaks. Ask us anything Star Wars, and we would freak out!

Anyway, we were talking about Lego Star Wars VII. We talked and talked and talked about the features we hoped they would add, like the minikits, the extras, the look of the game and the fact that hopefully they wouldn't screw up the capes again like they did in one of the other Lego Star Wars games. While we were talking, the mailman came to our mailbox and dropped some mail in. I went over to the mailbox to check the mail. I opened the mailbox, took the mail out and I saw a flyer that read:


I showed this to Gabe, and we were almost outright screaming!
"We have got to go to this!" exclaimed Gabe. "It would be awesome, and we would be able to see behind the scenes production about all of the upcoming games and movies!"
"I totally agree! This is awesome!!" I replied.
So, we agreed to ask our mom and dad about going to the trip. We mowed the lawns, we dusted the cabinets, we sweeped, mopped and polished the floors, we showered every day, and we never forgot to brush our teeth. We even helped the elderly a few times! We did so much work that eventually our parents had to say yes.
My parents and I planned to go on the trip with Gabe, and we would drive on the same route and stay at the same hotels. Gabe and I were so excited! Little did we know there was one thing there that wasn't nice or exciting at all...


I don't know if this qualifies as good, but


“Andy, we should totally explore this!” Orion said excitedly to Andromeda, eyes twinkling and mouth grinning happily.
Andromeda smiled warmly. Orion always stayed focused, calm and collected, but he always had a passion for crystals, wanting to be a geologist because that was the closest thing he could afford to be, and this place was full of them.
“Is that a yes or a no?” he queried.
“Yes, but make sure we don’t go too far in, or else we’ll get lost. Send a text to Dad too.” she said.
“Can’t you do it?”
“Come on, lazy—”
“Are you calling a boy who actually takes the family dog out for a walk daily—”
“Oh, fine, but you’ll have to wash the dishes tonight,” she replied, taking her mobile phone out, opening the texting app, then tapping on her dad’s chatbox, typing, Dad, Ori and I are going to explore a crystal cave near that old shack near Kenneth Square, okay? Tell Mum too. Soon, she heard a small and short hum, a reply to her.
What? There’s never been a cave anywhere around that ol’ shack. her dad had written.
But I’ve always seen it, though I think Ori hasn’t before or else he would've asked earlier.
Stay away, please. There’s something wrong going on.
But Orion was already going down a crystal staircase that had never been there before.

If it does, can I be an editor?


Can I be a writer?
Here's a chapter sneak peek if my next Before the Rain Comes page!
Chapter 2- Bad Weather
Sarah was sure that the rain was just a little bit of bad weather.
Bad weather.
Bad. Weather.
Surely this was just scientific explanation leading to world knowledge.
Georgia was where Sarah lived and there were lots of tornadoes happening at the moment.
They lived in the South and there was a girl named Wiktoria Ptazynski, she was mean and teased Sarah and Sally for not going to church, while Sally was Muslim. Their school was terrible, shunning, the teachers never stopped fights! All of the full Polish girls were mean except for Kayah Tomaszewski, who was shy and never talked.
Fuzzy woke up, yawning and stretching. Her small body got off of the bed and downstairs into the living room to go to Sarah's mother, which she did every afternoon, according to mom. Dad was an accountant and he did lots of math and made much money.
Sarah was a huge book dork and picked up her Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book. She was fascinated with magic.
Suddenly, a loud thunder struck. Sarah looked outside of her window. She had spares of everything except for all of Fuzzy's and her cell and computer. She kept everything spare she had downstairs in case there ever was a tornado. Luckily, a suitcase full of her clothes was in her room. The sky turned an ugly green, slowly in ten minutes. Something terrible was about to happen. Sirens came on, and Sarah knew what was happening at once. She was about to be in a tornado.


Download Google Docs, log in, and you'll see that I invited you to write!


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