Hopscotch games for blind ppl/collab


@SnowGirl_Studios you can continue this discussion here.
Someone didn't like this idea being discussed under the deaf topic.
Lots of times others discuss topics not relevant when i start a topic.
I don't complain or flag them. Some newer members think they have some authority to start dictating what members should think and say. They need to remember their thoughts and opinions are just that. Opinions. I don't like to argue with members on the forum. I don't recall having an argument with anyone. Unfortunately if the amount of garbage that has polluted the forum in the last month continues I will be forced to have a confrontation with a few members. @Liza @Kiwicute2016


Please Search Before You Post! There Is Already A Topic About This.


Please read before you reply! She said she was continuing the discussion here because some people did not approve on the other topic...


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@Pokemon101 This discussion is for a sort of collab on a game with @CreativeCoder . I suggest you post ignorant comments on the 1000 topics here that have nothing to do with coding or Hopscotch.
Reading through your previous comments you like to complain allot about topics you haven't contributed to and ask for topics to be flagged.
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If you read my comment to @CreativeCoder you will see i discuss the foolish behaviour of some new members trying to force their opinions(not facts) on others here.
I searched "Blind" and of the 21 Topic results that came up only my Topic mentions the word "Blind"
So please provide a link to the forum topic you say already exists specifically about coding games for blind ppl.

If you try to act smart to me again like this i will request @Lisa to privately deal with you. @Kiwicute2016 for your attention


So continuing on the idea i am gonna start sometime this weekend for some sort of base thenn ill post the link


Thats great. This might be hard but if you had a bomb in the centre of a large circle you could have a sound play when a circle is touched to warn the player they are close to touching a bomb.


In this collaboration how would you make it possible for the blind people to play?


With sounds to give info of a characters position of high/low/left or right of touch location
someone who can see would have to tell them how to play and start the game for them.


Makes sense... Too bad you can't make little Braille dots pop out of the screen :frowning: pop pop


thats a great idea! i think the bomb would give it a little twist so here's the base of it using the ideas a game where you try to find a character or object and if you touch a bomb 3 or more times or something you die?


yeah. Thats Really good. Just make sure to have warning sounds when near the bombs
and make the screen totally black when playing so ppl who can see will find it challenging as well


so maybe since theres higher notes when ou go up lower for down and that maybe as you get closer to the object theres faster high notes and when you get closer to a bomb theres faster low notes? sorry for all the typos my netbook keyboard is rllllllyy glitchy
edit: black screen is a good idea


as you want to. i wouldn't give clues to how close the touch is to the character. I'd keep the player guessing