Hopscotch Game!



Have you ever wanted to play a game on hopscotch, with hopscotch itself? Then read on!

Note: this is pointless and should only be done if you have nothing to do, or if you are completely bored

I call it,

Account Search

Yeah, I know it sounds weird... πŸ™„ Anyway...

How to play

  1. Go onto the tab "Trending" (Any other tab works except for following and remixes)
  2. Click on someone's profile (Anyone who has given a like to someone else to branched someone's project before)
  3. Try to see if you can get back to your own account, by clicking on profiles within the profiles in the profile you selected!

  4. For example, I would go into MagmaPOP's account, find @Gilbert189 in the "Liked projects", find his branch of my Music Kit, and violΓ .

It could be super complicated as well, like
OrangeScent liked YuxaYammy's project who liked Little Dragonites project who branched little green's project who liked THT's project who liked Corvus's project who liked GiraffeProduction's project who liked MagmaPOP's project who liked Gilbert's project who liked my project.

It might sound weird, because it is.

But it's fun! Try it!

  • good idea!
  • I think you need a doctor, follow4likesofficial


this is a competition to see who can have the LONGEST clicks! Not shortest! There is no point the game if you only tap twice. If you get a large number, then you need evidence!

Tell me your score here!


1st Place: @Rawrbear and @WinningMonkey with 4 clicks (we can do better!)
2nd: @Gilbert189 and @PopTart0219 with 2


I do this all the time... I guess we both half-need doctors :ghost:


I like this idea, I will try it


Got to ,y username in 4 clicks


Cool! It takes some time for me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Go on newest and try it, it's a challenge!



Three in newest


My best is two, I don't think you can go lower than that


Yeah. When does your school start?


No, I mean today, what time does it start, or do you have a snow day too


I went into newest and got there in 2 clicks.


Wait...why are you on now...


Because we r in study hall



I'm in math :disappointed:


I'm going to go do it mine might take a while!!!:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


I did it!!! I went to trending, yoshiono, favorites, then clicked on a remix of one of my projects! Yay! 4 clicks!

I like this I'm going to do it again!


Yay I did it to in four clicks it was fun good idea @Follow4LikesOfficial


4 clicks! :smile:


I always do this, but not trying to find me, more like a liking spree!, and when im bored. I do it!


I do that a lot don't know why


I counted, and I intentionally avioded myself sometimes, so I got 134. Then I got bored.