Hopscotch Friends


Hey hops! I thought it would be imteresting to post who are hopscotch friends are and how we met them on hopscotch and stuff. You could also post about friends irl on hopscotch, and nicknames you and your friends have for each other. Me personally....

My hopscotch friends: =_= None lol. Except @OrEndA, Isshh. I've been friends with her for like 2 days, so.... My life has no purpose >.<
My hopscotch friends irl: Well, definitely not @BlackCadillac and @Creatorstyle but that would be awesome if I was friends with them irl.
Nicknames me and my friends have for each other: Luni (Me), Ni or Ace, Flame, and Skip

What about you?

My Hopscotch Friends are _____________
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Well, can we be friends ? I am new here so,:smiley:


Oh wow who's BlackCadillac?


I don't really have any apart from @AHappyCoder is really nice to me and stands up for me.
And Were Both From New Zealand 🇳🇿


:D Thanks!


Hey wadd up I'm smallest gamer


This guy above my head follows me :D

Friend Established


I can be your friend! (I make a lot of friends online... ;p)


Hm um
@meowstudios we've been friends for a while now I think she gave me a request and we became friends!
@TappymLP ( I hope we are friends I think we are anyway) I met her on paigeeworld!! But I quit so..
I better not continue cause I'm lonely and the rest of people like @Giggling_Jellybean1 and @PandaBlossom and @stitch04 i don't know if we friends?


Not much, still brooding over lost progress XD


Yep, online friends anyways... @Atlantica is still my only IRL friend....


I have a ton of friends!

I'm glad you think of me as a friend @Maltese! You are one if my really good friends too!


c: I'm glad you think so too! c:

I'm probably gonna have a list of 1,000 people at the end of this year. :3


(Off Topic) It's My Birthday!


Happy Birthday @BlueStarGirl


I know @Zetax, @Sir_Spaghetti, PassionArt, and StRiKe_TArkhamKnight in real life.


My friend is I think @AHappyCoder


It's my birthday too


It is Happy birthday @BlackCadillac and @BlueStarGirl


Hai im new here and i have no friends. I go to a new school will somone plz be my friend? I filled out the form for Find-A-Fren...