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@Liza or anyone else on the HT, I would like you to think about this. Obviously, I am requesting Leader here on the forums. Here are a few reasons:

The Users List

If you look at the "All Time" part of the Users list, you will see that I am at the top of it, meaning that I am one of the most active people here. 1/2 of the likes are cheering people up, and the other half is me trying my best to be helpful.

Being Nice in General

A bit of this one comes from "The Users List" tab above. If I say no to something, I do it as nicely as I can. Unfortunately, I have a bit/a lot of stress at times, and I yell. This is never my fault, and I'm sorry for those times! But other than that, you can see my niceness got me to the top.

I know Hopscotch Language

I noticed how The Hopscotch Team uses words like "Hey!" Or "Whoops!" I know this "language" pretty well, and I can reply to a message using these words if you'd like! :yum:

I Know what a Leader Does

In real life, people would actually probably call me a "leader" type of guy. I'm the type who always steps up to answer something first, as detailed as possible. If no one else is doing something, I'm the one who starts doing, well, something.

I Know what a Leader Does on the Forums

A Leader on the forums would do everything in the above section, but they could also do things like splitting a topic, opening a topic, closing a topic, unlisting a topic, deleting a topic and all that stuff. I know what each one does. These are the functions:

  • Splitting: Takes posts and moves them over to another post.
  • Opening: Making a topic repliable to others.
  • Closing: Making a topic non-repliable to others.
  • Unlisting: Making a topic invisible, also known as making it non-searchable or non-viewable without a link.
  • Deleting: Like it says, permanently deleting a topic.

I also know not to do any of these unless I have a reason to do it, for example doing it because someone is mean to me only is definitely not a good time to delete/close a topic unless the topic itself is aimed at that purpose.

I know HTML and I am learning CSS and JavaScript.

See above :grin:

Although, there are a few cons of this happening, and just know that I am trying to improve these as much as possible:

EDIT: Note that I have fixed these things a lot, and I now consider myself mature.

Maturity Level

I am definitely not mature for my age, and I am working on this a lot.

Overreaction Much?

I sometimes overreact at the smallest details. This kind of relates to the "mature" stuff above.

I'll contribute to as much good as possible, and I will do it as nicely as possible. Hopefully you'll think about this! :smile:

Also, if you're wondering why I'm towards the bottom of the Users tab this week, I'm in the middle of a 3 mile moving process, meaning I don't have Internet for half of the time. :/

Thank you for reading my presentation! :smile:

People Who Could Become Leader (and advice to become one!)

I'll delete this once you respond.
We can't delete topics.
Is this on the lounge?
Your best bet to become a leader is to either get to know them better or do something extremely special like BuildASnowman with his moderators topic.


Super helpful.

@Kiwicute2016 can you promote people to leader, or no?


The reason you are at the top is because you are @Rawrbear I am at the top for me! :slightly_smiling:


I don't think so. I think you have to be a mod or admin.


I tried to help @BuildASnowman open a topic, but the community flags kept appearing, so we couldn't do it! That was fun! :joy:


On the meme one, right?


Yep :wink:


When the robot fights with you, you never win!
The person who was flagged was just to stubborn to remove it.

Back on topic!