Hopscotch Forum Yearbook 2016



I am making the Hopscotch Forum Yearbook 2016!

Any oldies out there?

Any people that were some of the first to join the Hopscotch Forum?

Just tell me information of lots of big and little things that happened during the forum's first year!

Anyone can participate! Just tell me big and little things!
And make sure they don't all focus on one person.


Do you want me to help?


The forum started (duh), the newest leaders were promoted, the Summer Extravaganza started, the Drawing Topic was created and closed twice,

Bot's Revenge was created, there was a trend of HS schools, the huge Positivity 'campaign' started to stop flame wars, LikeAGirl got everyone worked up/happy, forum parties were created, the @Maltese craze started, people invented forum-speak, Docs got banned,

the 2 tag lists were created, anonymous accounts became popular, the Nominations For Featured discovered many great projects, people got titles for DOS, April Fools Day brought about some funny pranks, people scared each other with 'I'm leaving.... for a while!' topics, people decided to be more respectful about new updates,

people talked in Old English for no good reason, spam-liking became a thing, Doctor Who gifs became popular, profile pics were made gif-able, BAS made a 'DAS' account, shipping became a thing on HSF thanks to @Bubbles4Ever929, @SnowGirl_Studios made the HS twins topic, and System became infamous as the Mad Bot.

I suggest you add screenshots in each one, so people can see what the topics were like!

Memories... :3


That covers pretty much everything XD
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Ahhh... The year book. I look at all my frens faces, and pretend my face was someone elses..... and rethink my life Cough


I Luv this idea

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Yes, the Maltese craze... Those were the good ol' days XD


Still happening, and

get to the forum party!1!1!1


2016 Hopscotch Forum Storybook

System & The Party


By tankt2016
No part of this book can be reproduced on any terms, mechanical, written, etc without written permission by the author.
First edition July 2016.
Copyright © 2016
Fictional Fantasy

Featured Characters

SmileyAlyssa & her sister, IncredibleIzzy

Chapter 1: System Celebrates

System was happily closing Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) (that is known as "The Drawing Topic") repeatedly.
He was a robot.
Well, he was battling the leaders again. SmilingSnowflakes, Kiwicute2O16, Anonymous, and Gilbert189 had been stationed there by Liza.
A few of the other leaders and some of their friends were just lounging around.
A lot were partying.
It was the Hopscotch Forum's 1st Birthday! There was a forum party going on.
"Why is this forum party in help, when it has nothing to do with needing or giving helping?" Pingu asked.
Pingu is SmilingSnowflakes's sister.
CreativeCoder started to reply.
All of a sudden, System swooped in and quickly closed the topic!
The other leaders were still battling the Drawing topic.
Liza had stationed BuildASnowman, PopTart0219, t1_hopscotch, and the other leaders at the Drawing topic a few minutes ago, so there was no one to tackle the Bot, also known as System, here!
Murphy1 saw this.
She quickly replied as a linked topic to Kiwicute2O16's party topic. She chose the title "Forum birthday party backup", and typed in why she had created a new topic in the post.
The tags were the same as the original. The category it was in was #help.
Others came into the newly created topic and started partying.
As for system, he saw this and didn't like it.
He closed the new topic!
Kiwicute2O16 was tired of opening and closing topics and battling the Bot.
But she was able to defeat the Bot in the party topic. Murphy1's backup was opened again, too.

CreativeCoder was still waiting to reply.

"Yes, the topic is open again!" she exclaimed happily.
Eagerly, she replied.

Chapter 2: SmileyAlyssa Joins In

SmileyAlyssa was reading on her window seat.
She was reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Then, she sat up from her lounging position.
"I forgot!" she said to herself. "It's the Hopscotch Forum's birthday today! Come to think of it, it may be tiny or laggy on a phone. And I don't have a school iPad anymore. I think Izzy has an iPad, could I borrow hers?"
IncredibleIzzy is Alyssa's younger twin sister.
"Izzy, can I use your iPad?" Alyssa said, right after walking over to the bunk bed they shared.
Izzy walked over near the ladder.
"Sure!" she said.
"Okay! I just need to know where it is…. Could it be in your drawer?"
"Yes, top drawer of my dresser."
Their room was pretty big, about twice the size of an average Living Room or Parlour.
Their bed was right in the corner. It was dark brown with stairs to get up to the top bunk. Each stair was supporting a drawer under it. There was a drawer touching the floor, too, with supporting wood under it. Pull that drawer out for a third bed!
The dresser was in the other corner, right next to the white door.
It was dark brown wood, too.
Alyssa walked over to it. She pulled out the top drawer on Izzy's side.
There, next to Izzy's iPhone, was her iPad!
Alyssa took it out, put it under her arm, and closed the drawer. Then she sat back down on the white windowseat.
She turned the iPad on. She entered the family's four-digit passcode. Then she went straight to Safari, which had their school's website on it.
Instead of looking there for the party, she went to the Hopscotch Forum.
I hope I haven't missed the party! she thought.
She immediately saw the topic and entered it. But System had attacked it again!
"Oh no, now I can't post!" she whispered to herself. "Is there a backup? Is a leader, like PopTart0219, going to swoo—"
All of a sudden, PopTart0219 swooped in and started to battle the Bot.
"Hey, that's exactly what I was going to say!" Alyssa said.

Chapter 3: "OMG, SYSTEM'S ALIVE!"

PopTart0219 won the battle!


An observing—and new to the forum—Hopscotch Gamer Girl observed that BuildASnowman hadn't posted in the topic yet.
But finally, he did!
"Oh, by the way, I was throwing the BotAttacks as a joke," BuildASnowman said. "I was making System celebrate."
"Ac-tu-al-ly I was cel-e-brat-ing on my own," System said robotically.
Wow, his first post!
"No, you weren't," BuildASnowman said.
"Um…are you sure you haven't brought System to life?" Alyssa posted.
Everyone laughed.
"Ha-Ha-Ha," System laughed.

The End



I'm making a fictional storybook too.


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Hopscotch Forum Yearbook 2016


July 16:

The Hopscotch Forum is one year old!

We are celebrating with this special yearbook we made for everyone!
Credit to everyone who helped with it.