Hopscotch Forum Year awards 2016!


So, as you may know, the Forum is turning a year old thus July! July 16th I think! :D
So, I think we should have awards for stuff like biggest topic!
Good idea?

  • Ya
  • Nah


Votes are public.

Here are the awards! You can nominate awards by replying! :D


Check once if your award is not there
Add your awards only
First out up a poll to see if the community wants the awards!
Close the poll at 10 votes, to be qualified, you need to have 60 percent yes.

Most likes on a post!

Biggest topic!

Longest Username!

Most helpful!


Cool idea! :D

Maybe not the last two? It could make people feel upset. :0

EDIT: thanks. :3
I'll try to come up with a few more for this. :3


Okay, I edited it! :D

Do you know any more stuff? Maybe longest username!


thinks really hard
Strangest project? XD


This is for the forum, not Hopscotch. :D

So we do forum awards! :D



Most liked post?


Most likes given!


I have one! and I already have a winner for it. There is a badge that only @Paydent12 has and its called 'Hot Link'. Pretty cool, eh?


@GLaDOS_On_Da_Forum I don't think so, because then you'd just be setting up a prize for @Paydent12, which can be seen as unfair.


Never thought of that....


What about a gave most advice award?
EDIT: Or maybe a problem solver award? Oooh maybe a funniest award. and bye..


Good idea! I have to go now. Bye! :D


Here, I will make a list @tankt2016 ....
EDIT: List is getting longer right now....

  • Longest bio
  • Most memes posted
  • Most tagged
  • Longest running topic
  • Most posts/topics
  • Most known
  • Funniest Hop/Topic/Name/Post
  • Longest post
  • Most emojis in one post
  • Quickest respsonse
  • Shortest Name/Topic name
  • Longest topic name
  • And biggest portal fan :laughing:! JK


How about a leader without the badge? Most calmest? Most craziest? Most quotes?


Maybe not this one as some people are against it


I dunno. Uh, I guess, as the topic could get some hatred.


Great idea! :D


I'm.. I think you mean biggest topic. And for biggest topic, it's quite obvious. The original drawing on paper topic by @LazyLizard!


A actually joined a month exactly after the fourm went up August,16,15 and 2 days before my brothers birthday!


What about
-Most likes given
-Shortest bio
-Least likes given
-Funniest bio
-Most informative bio
Also can I be a search person who looks through da fourm. (If I do become one it's going to be a LOOOONG summer)