Hopscotch forum: what is it?


Hi I'm gnew here. Anyone can tell me a little about what hopscotch forum is?:blush::blush:


Hello, @KawaiiHotDog!

The hopscotch forum is for helping people with code, asking for help with code, and talking about hopscotch related things! :D


Hi! Welcome to le forum!

To answer your question, this forum is about the app Hopscotch and is for answering HS-related questions. Speaking of which do you have Hopscotch?


Yes! I do. My username is KawaiiHotDog​:hotdog:


Welcome @KawaiiHotDog!! You may want to check the forum guidelines/FAQ here: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/faq


At least try to answer his/her question.



Remember to always be kind, on-topic, and appropriate! Great job so far! :3

Have fun talking about code! :slight_smile:

Here, we have 'topics.' They're what you just created, a place with a main post where everyone can discuss!

If you like drawing, I suggest the '30 Day OC Challenge' topic, and the 'Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad' topic.

For help with code, search up what you need help with!

Again, welcome!


Belated welcome!
The others have explained everything oh well :joy:

Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime you'd like my attention :wink:


Hi @KawaiiHotDog! Welcome to the forum! If you need any help just @ me like this:


Welcome! Everyone said what the hopscotch forum's about so here's some tricks:
Trick one:
**write whatever you want here:**
Makes this:
Hey! See? The text is bold

Trick two:
*write whatever you want here*
Makes text look like this:
Hiii! See? The text is slanted

Trick three:
Whenever it says "Post must be 20 characters" you can just do this:
And it won't show anything!

Trick four:

  • Pink
  • Blue


How to make it:

See the cog in the top right corner? Press it and it will have a button that says "build poll" Press that button and add the options and bam! You made a poll!


Thank you guys so much!! Now that ive gotten used to forum, i will be doing more things on here!!:blush: