Hopscotch Forum Tutorial


I can't put any pictures because they aren't uploading
Please help me I really want to put pictures but the picture thing is not working at all

Pictures into messages

It can be your internet connection, or you're doing it wrong.
Just to make sure, these are the steps
1- click on the upload button (it has an arrow and is the one right after </>)
2- chose: from my device and then pick a file
This is the important part:
3- click upload
4- Then check your upload status on the bottom left.
5- Wait until it goes to 100% then it should pop up a big text wich it the link of the image


Great step-by-step instructions @TromaxTheDestroyer :smiley: and here are photos too:

And once you see a text like that appear, you'll know that your image has fully uploaded :smiley:


Nice image tutorial.


I will try to make image tutorial more often, they seem alot more clear.








That's my tutorial on hopscotch forum


I love your tutorial!


Thank you!!!