Hopscotch Forum On iPad


When I try to get on The forum, it just opens to safari and the screen stays white. why??


Try to restart Safari or your iPad. It works fine for me.


If your going back into safari and this happened than just type in the addres.s again idk why this is happening but it has happened to me as well.


Restart safari

how do I do that?

Double click the home button fast and then swipe up safairi like this

I know how!

Then do it!


Hey! That happens to me on my computer! Apparently, I have something called K9 Web Protection so I can't access the forum on my laptop, which is why I have to borrow my sisters iPad!


I don't know. We always use an iPad and it never happens with us. Did you try "Mobile View"? Just tap on the three lines next to your profile and you'll see it!


Ask your dad or mom or grandparents or guardian to change that setting!


i wont let me get on the website at all. im using my iPhone to get on the forum right now


could it be doing that because im using a school ipad? i think thats why.


but it will let me on the hopscotch blog though..