Hopscotch Forum Leader Awards 🏆


Hopscotch Forum Awards Teaser

Come one, come all to the first bi-annual Hopscotch Forum Awards ceremony!! With the advent of a rebirthed forum, the Leadership team is proud to announce our forum awards initiative. Details will be forthcoming, but as a teaser for what is to come, we have two very special annual awards to present today to pique your interest.

  • Drum roll…

For “Overall Outstanding Contributions” to Hopscotch, via both the app and the forum…



These users will receive permanent regular status and will be able to continue adding to the community at a greater level.

Thank you for all your hard work!

Upcoming awards

Hopscotch leaders will be hosting monthly and bi-annual awards based off of the contributions that you, our patrons, add to this community. Take note of your fellow Hopscotchers and how their posts add value to the community because you will have the opportunity to nominate your peers for their: ability and willingness to help others with the Hopscotch app, discover and share fun or unique ways to code, keep conversations relevant and positive, explore group projects, and other fun ways that makes this community a vibrant part of the Hopscotch coding environment.


1st post!

Will you tag omtl when the details come out?




Congrats @ThinBuffalo and @tankt2016!!!


wait that’s why I just got regular XD yay!!
Congrats @ThinBuffalo!


Now you can make wikis, get more likes, and a bunch of other stuff!


Ooh yeah
Wiki test!
Woo haven’t done this since 2016

Hi tankt! - SPE33

:clap: MEME :clap: REVIEW- Gwe

Lol no, this is a hacker

Wazzup you guys- Twiz

CONGRATS TANKT (guess who this is)

Hi @Houseelf87! Thanks! -tankt


Well done @tankt2016 and @ThinBuffalo you guys definitely deserve it! Tankt your so kind and helpful, and ThinBuffalo all I can say is that your really helpful when it comes to coding, your contributions have payed off!


Permanent regular I believe :slight_smile:
Same with you, @ThinBuffalo

Congratulations y’all you deserve it


Hello there


Congrats @tankt2016 and @ThinBuffalo!! You both definitely deserve it


Congrats from your favorite meme lord who is probably not in danger rn


yes they do! This seems like a good award ceremony! Are we allowed to nominate leaders too or will that be revealed?


I’m not reallt sure but go ahead and nominate whoever you’d like I guess?


okay merci!


Congrats, @tankt2016 and @ThinBuffalo!!


Congratulations @tankt2016 and @ThinBuffalo!


OHHH!!! what do you get as award?


Permanent regular


They get permanent regular

Other upcoming awards have slightly different prizes depending on what the award is for