Hopscotch Forum Leader Awards! 2022

Hello everyone! It is with great excitement that we’re bringing back the… :hopscotch: Hopscotch Forum Leader Awards! :hs_space_pod:

About the awards

The leader awards is an award ceremony where we award community members that we think are worthy of extra recognition because of something they have done. See below for more information and for the available awards.

Community Nominated Awards:

  • Most Positive Commenter[1]
  • Most Improved Commenter[2]
  • Forum Guru[3]
  • The Stickler[4]
  • Writer’s Corner[5]
  • Artist’s Canvas[6]
  • Coding Guru[7]
  • Double Duty[8]
  • Candle Burner[9]


With these awards, you (the community) can nominate someone you think deserves this award. With that comes a couple of ground rules to follow though:

  • Please refrain from commenting on other people’s nominations. Do not say that you disagree or second a nomination.
    • This is to avoid influencing others and also to make sure no feelings get hurt.
  • That being said, please do not nominate your friend just because they’re your friend or because they asked to be nominated. Nominate someone because you feel they deserve the award.
    • We understand that they may be your friend but we don’t want relationships like that influencing the outcome of these awards.
  • Please don’t self-nominate or ask to be nominated
    • While it is awesome that you feel you deserve the award, wait until someone else nominates you. These are community awards to give some excellent forumers recognition. While you are an amazing forumer, that’s not the point of this, and self-nominations do not reflect the ideas of the whole community. Asking to be nominated is essentially the same.

Leader Nominated Awards:

There will also be some special awards that only leaders will vote on. These will be announced later, so stay tuned and keep your eyes open!

A thank you from the leaders!

These awards are a way of saying “thank you!” to our wonderful and friendly community. We will celebrate this not only with the awards but also with some special rewards - not just for the award winners!

  • First of all, everyone who nominates someone will receive 20 HopBytes and a Leader competition participation badge. Note that these are unstackable, so no matter if you nominate 1 person or 5, you will still get exactly 20 HopBytes and be awarded the badge only once.
  • Second, we are going to have a themed pop-up shop around the awards. Keep your eyes open - and check in on how your HopBytes wallet is doing while waiting for the shop to appear!
  • And finally, the winner in each category will receive a special forum badge with one of the Hopscotch characters as the badge icon. The badge icon will double as an emoji title that you can put beside your username (fully combinable with previous emoji titles + pronoun titles if you have them).

How to nominate

:information_source: Important! Make sure to read the guidelines as well as the award descriptions before nominating a user.

Also, you will receive instructions about how to claim the rewards after you have filled out the form! Don’t forget to note that.

Use the Google Forms link below to nominate:

No link available, voting is closed! Compilation of votes is ongoing, expect results in a few weeks!

Get your nominations in before 2022-09-19T22:00:00Z!

  1. Someone who is always positive in their comments! ↩︎

  2. A person who has matured in their writing and communication with other and deserve recognition for it ↩︎

  3. A part of being a guru at something involves helping others - so this award is for a person who is most recognized for helping others on the forum. ↩︎

  4. Soemone who keeps users on topic in a positive way ↩︎

  5. Someone who is most recognized for posting stories. ↩︎

  6. Someone who is most recognized for posting art. ↩︎

  7. A part of being a guru at something involves helping others - so this award is for a person who is most recognized for helping others with code. ↩︎

  8. A user that posts much both on the forum and the app ↩︎

  9. Someone who seems to be on the forum all the time - a really active user in other terms! ↩︎


oh my gosh! so glad to see this back!

i remember this!


We’re glad to bring it back! Super excited to see the results of this!


alright, i nominated someone who i think deserves most improved commenter as well as someone who deserves coding guru!


I just voted as well.


I’ll vote later! So excited to see this!


:star2: This is really cool. Cannot wait to see who’ll win next month. :star2:


me dum
can someone edit history me that lol, closed the browser without reading what’s there


I did the same thing, lol. Forgot to look… :sweat_smile:


oh lol- i didn’t see that either. i’ll nominate someone else tho


bruh it doesn’t work


it? wdym by that?


the message you have at the end of the form


it leaves a link to something that looks like this topic, but it isn’t


I’ll double-check what we have allowed before. Sorry about the wait!

It has worked for several other people. Are you sure?


it’s actually saying we can revote at the end of the form :))

nah it’s just me
hard to explain but basically i’m using the discourse app, and the link sent me to the forum on safari, and because i wasn’t logged in, it denied my access

but no worries, ill do the form again :+1:


Yes, since there are multiple categories. But I’ll double-check!

And thanks for explaining the issue, I understand what has happened. Hopefully it works next time!


Gonna go 0-2 again this year :grinning:


Can we nominate our selves
Never mind I saw the post


How do you know that we have nominated somebody?