Hopscotch forum History



Que the music!

A long time ago the fourm was very small it was home to people such as @BuildASnowman @Kiwicute2016 @liza @ian @asha @alish @Huggingfluffybear @rawrbear and @Phase_Admin

It was a happy place then came along some artists @LazyLizard @OrangeScent1 and more....

Now this is when the art starting kickin' in the the forum! This is what I would like to say "the forum got its hotsauce"

Then came a new batch of nice people such as @friendship2468 @AvocadoDont @AHappyCoder @Sparkczy but more as well...

Now after time has passed many new people have came like @Anonymous and more!

This is when a while after...

@LGBT.Coder came in and started LGBT...

This is what I would say the mustards kickin' in

They it lead to knew hopscocther and more and there we are today...

Bye, from the fluffy bear.


Well.... Okay, that's one way to put it. But, actually a good batch of people not listed there were here first, like

  • CreativeCoder
  • SGS
  • PopTart (me)
  • Kiwi

I think we all joined the same day.

If I remember correctly, Gilbert, OrangeScent, LP, MagmaPOP, Rawrbear, Phase Admin, etc joined around September-November.

Then, HFB (you), Dude73, and a ton of the newer active people joined in December-Now

But, great topic to help us remember the history! We could tell this to new users when we get it right! :upside_down:


That's cool!
You know, we should make a timeline of the forum!


I came here before OS lol


Orangescent joined on December 9th


Here, write your username under the month you joined....

July 2015
August 2015
September 2015

October 2015
November 2015

December 2015
January 2016

February 2016
Crazy_cake (@smishsmash)
March 2016
KomplettverrĂĽcktjunge (@KVJ)

April 2016
Maltese (All alone XD)
@PenguinGaming713 (U not alone!)

May 2016

June 2016

When did you join the forum?

No I joined way before magmaPOP I joined in August!


Can you make that post editable?

I joined the same day as @phase_admin


Mines February.


@t1_hopscotch was active and couldn't be on the forum as much somewhere in november, but now, she's active once again! :smiley:


I joined October 2015!


Please turn on wiki/global edit. And we joined on January 18, 1 A.D. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @liza @BuildASnowman please turn global edit on!


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You joined on my sisters birthday and two days after mine!


I joined....

August 23 (something) 2015


I joined in February, but I wish I joined in December. XD


You joined in February too?


Yeah @PopTart0219 I joined before anonymous way before dude73 you must have your dates messed up!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You joined August 6.