Hopscotch forum help

I keep trying to uplode a gif as my profile picture but it won’t work. (This was suppose to be my profile pic)


Save it. Then go to Preferences, click the pencil next to your PP, click Upload Picture and choose it.

I tried but it didn't work.


Odd. Try saving the gif you have above, then doing it again?

I tried but it didn't work again.

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Lol I meant the gif you saved above.

Sometimes, you just have to reload the page!

Hmm...that's very weird! Try doing a few more times?
Is it weird that the ones who reply here have gifs as their profile pics?

No, because they probably know how themselves did it :D


Does the forum accept PNG pictures?
Try downloading another PNG picture to test it out.

Same problem.

Your current profile dosent seem to work either

please help me i am new too the forum how do i post on a topic?

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