Hopscotch forum... Down In The Dumps? Please read :)


As all of you fellow hopscotchers know, hopscotch has been erm.... down in the dumps lately. A lot of people left like @Kiwicute2013 and @BuildASnowman, and that encouraged a lot of other great hopscotchers to leave as a result.
Let us kindly get to the point :slight_smile:
Welcome to the new MiracleShoutouts 2.0! We are a group of people, and I'm so happy to be back on hopscotch again (clue clue). So can someone guess who is on this account currently? :blush:

So our job is to make the forum happy again, and I mean as it once was before. I know all of you can make the forum happy again. So many people quit- that was their descision.

Originally, @a10 (thanks a10) created this account. And then I think @tankt2016 and @Phase_Admin joined too! Nice job you guys!

So, to summarize the point of this topic: "Make Hopscotch Great Again" Ok no I'm just joking, hopscotch was always great!'

Just continue to smile, and let's all work on making an even better forum! :smiley:

Oh and by the way, The MiracleShoutouts team gives out a lot of positive feedback and is most likely to cuddle random people. You have been warned........ :smile:


Tagging da girl @tankt2016
And first reply!:wink:


Thanks everyone who is reading :grin:


Who's on atm?

Great Topik! Here's a like :heart:


Now I know this is very off topic but is anyone working on a game and needs help? XD


Kinda ٩( ᐛ )و

٩( ᐛ )و