Hopscotch Forum Debate Team


Hey guys!
I know there's a debate team but that's old and I wanna make my own debate team, so.... yeah.
If you wanna join, tell me in the comments! But you need to fill out a form so I can see if you are eligible for the team.
Are you active on the forum?
Do you have Hopscotch, or at least know about the updates?
Are you caught up with everything going on in the forum?
Will you not quit this team?*

Thx! I will notify you if you make the team.

*If you join you cannot quit and will be at all meetings


Debating = argueing = fighting = flame wars
(Also your banned from the forum (Your Friendship right?) so... @Liza @Rodrigo )


Wait wut....:thinking:


No this is a different debate team we debate about features that should be added to hopscotch and it will all be done in a PM in which I will invite the members to so there are no flame wars and nobody will interrupt so go away if you're not gonna join and that's extremely rude, excuse you. I don't even communicate anymore


I don't think you can make PMs.


I don't make the PMs I invite the accepted people to my flagged post pm or welcome to the forum pm


If you are banned that means you are not allowed to be on the forum. Isn't that the point???
Sorry for wanting to follow rules.


Yeah and I'm not publishing the fun game I've been working on in my drafts for weeks
Maybe I'll delete the app as well.
Good luck trying to hack me


The mods are letting her on the forum I think :D

Let's calm down :0


Let's stop talking about this whole ban thing. Friendship wants to make a debate team, no need to argue about other things.


Debating = arguing politely = not a flame war

Get it right please :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah guys let's just fill out the forms so I can have mydebateteam

  1. Yeah!
  2. Yes, and yes! It'll be taken off next year from the school app store, unforunately. :confused:
  3. Yep!
  4. I won't, unless it does turn into a flame war, which it won't. :smiley:


Okay, I'll bookmark this post
Oh man bookmarks being back all those memories of coding tutorials...
Thanks for or submitting a form!


No problem! I'm looking forward to the first debate :smile:


Once I see all the submissions, I'll decide five people who make it and that'll be the team
Well probably be doing 1-3 debates a week. There will be a PM in a flagged post thing so we can talk about the debate club there so nobody knows our debate until I tell everyone it in this topic.


Ok I'll join can we b frens now and can u delete the pics of our chat


Don't worry I did. But this isn't really the topic to say it. Do you wanna fill out the form? :blush::cloud_tornado:


There have been plenty of debate team topics, even one created by a leader. Friendly debates do not lead to flame wars.


Okay, I'll bookmark this post and once I get enough submissions I'll decide who makes the team.