Hopscotch/Forum Challenges!



Someone please challenge me!!!:sob::sob::sob:


I challenge you to change everything you can on the forum to be sad for 3 days; your profile picture will be a sad face, your user card human will be sad, and your profile background will be frowns. No loopholes allowed.


:frowning: But I'm SmileyAlyssa! :scream::confounded: ok I'll start tomorow


@GysvANDRegulus now I have changed everything on the forum to sad stuff. :sob::sob::sob: My days of sadness are starting now


Now I dare you to change all of your things to anger stuff!!! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Hehehe I see you have gone mad


For how long?


Same time as me!!:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:^o^


Can someone please dare meh! Please? Make it challenging.


Please please please? Anyone?




I challenge you to change your bio to "DONALD TRUMP IS COOL" and just that. Also, change your profile picture to Donald Trump.
Do this until Friday.
@Rawrbear are you ready? I'll do the same.

Sorry... Maybe... Idk you decide

I challenge @Follow4LikesOfficial and I to change our pictures to something MLG themed until Saturday!


Oh, gawd. Uhh... Should I agree to this or not? :sweat_smile:


DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! I had to change to sad so you have to change to Trump! DO IT DO IT DO IT...

I dislike Donald trump!


I also have to DO IT!


You're allowed to say it's a bet.


Alright, let's do it until Saturday!

EDIT: Done! Tell me if you want anything changed. :wink:


First of all, "DONALD TRUMP IS COOL" not "Trump for 2047." Also, change your profile pic to Donald Trump


What?! Fine...