Hopscotch Forum But Every Time_______ Forum Game!



If you are going to ship me with someone. Make sure I have interacted with that person more than twice,

make it believable.


exactly. I barely know the kid.


Should I just make a ships topic?


No you would end everyone’s life if you were to do that…if you were at least say that me and photo were the original and all credit to us


Original… ship?

Sorry can’t do that lol


hey hey look at that . the ship topic did ruin people hehe :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


y’all?? there was already?? A ship topic?? Ages before you and @photographer123 came up w the idea???


hsf but every time someone makes a ship I get annoyed because it really makes no sense whatsoever

yeah uh we should really stop with the shipping stuff…I barely know what happened but it’s getting old fast, and more than 1 person has gotten hurt by it


SCOOOOTTTTCH you liked one of my posts
now come out of hiding
Lol stahp et photo


I have to go like right now though.

HopscotchRemixer But Every Time he gets on HSF and sees Photo he has to leave all of a sudden…


ahhhh too true ;-; seriously that always happens. will you be back?


HSF but every time I feel like :poop: a new post appears.


HSF but every time a new drawing topic gets started somebody blinks.


hsf but every time a new alt is created people revive topics from november