Hopscotch Forum Awards


Hey guys, it's JJ and I'm proud to host the first Hopscotch Forum Awards!
I got this idea from people who made Hopscotch awards and stuff, and now, we will have FORUM awards!
Everybody can nominate 2 users at maximum.
Leave a reply of who you want to nominate!
Feel free to suggest more categories!

Best Comic Maker: @CreativeCoder
Most Likes: @SmilingSnowflakes
Most Posts:
Best User: @Everyone! :D
Best Profile Picture:
Most Positive User (Go through everything and see the person that has commented the niced and helped the most): @SmileyAlyssa
Most Views On Profile:
Most Inspiring User:

(P.S This is related to Hopscotch and the forum because it is the awards for Hopscotch forum users)

Thanks to everyone for making this reach Nice Topic! (^0^)/

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Let me look at stats for today, just a sec. :smile:


this is a really cool idea @JaggedJeans


Not for today, the most likes all together.


@SmilingSnowflakes has received and given the most likes. :smile:


Thanks @PurpleDevil! :D


Tottaly agreed! It's so cool!


Thanks fluffy bear! :D


Actually, that was just for this week :smile:

Go in users in all time, its different!


Ok! :smile:


Don't really think we need most posts JJ


Yeah well I didn't really have any ideas.. :expressionless:


Nice profile pic


Thx :D


Ur welcome maybe you want to have a picture of jeans


I just created something like this. You can join it and nominate others.


Here it is. This is the topic.


Lol that's actually a great idea
Ima do it right now


@TheLogoMaster but this is the FORUM awards.


Awww it won't work :(