Hopscotch Forum Anniversary



3 years ago the Hopscotch Forum was created. This forum has evolved and changed a lot. So celebrate if you want I guess

The last few years we had a party and stuff. I’m not going to be the one to host the party (if we have one). This isn’t an official topic or anything, I’m just putting this out there




3 years old. Man, I’ve only been there half of the forum’s life, and it has shaped me (in the end, for the good).

Anyways, happy birthday, forum?

So is the forum’s birthday the 16 or 17?


I think it’s the 16th


Okay, we’ve got 14 minutes to celebrate the forum’s birthday…


Maybe 14 minutes for all y’all in EST, but I’ve got about an hour ;))


Lel happy b day forum. xercftgvyhbujnikm,l


Happy birthday forum. I wish you are fixed one day


that’s a nice birthday present


Happy birthday to the forum!

So it’s technically @system’s birthday/anniversary too, right?


Happy birthday to the forum!!!

I’m surprised there hasn’t been more of a hype on this-- I am just hearing about this now!