Hopscotch Forum.. A guide for the beginners and fun to look at for the elder users



So I know this has already been created but yeh, I thought I would try to make another version. More complex stuff. So let's begin.

You obviously have just joined so when you go into safari which is this icon

you can search up hopscotch forum...
It comes up....
Tap the first thing.._

So just tap the forum and sign up/log in.
and just log in.
There are 3 buttons at the top

The first one (on your left) makes you be able to search up usernames, forum chats etc.
The second one (in the middle)

It has all these and finally the last one,
controls all your notifications and if you click on your icon then you go to your profile.
If you can not the answers to your questions or something like that you can ask a question

It shows up a bit like this

Just play around with this, you get use to it, oh yeh, now it's easy.
So this a really basic tutorial and jus made for fun. I kinda did it to test out this macbook pro I got yesterday. I hope you enjoyed this.


It's a bit confuzzling to look at, though.


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Can you please explain how to use this, as in like who to post stuff?
If you can it will be a great help!