Hopscotch for Windows Phone/Microsoft devices?


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That would be AWESOME. But Hopscotch isn't really made for computers at the moment. But a Windows Phone app would be cool. I have been also thinking if Hopscotch could be for the Xbox One. :hushed:
That's a neat idea, @PhantomPig!
Does anyone agree? :smile:


I agree! The Hopscotch Team already developed the computer version of Hopscotch.. It's a web player in fact... buuuuuuuuuut still in beta..

For the xBox part.. maybe... It might take a while longer for them to think about it...

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Yes, yes, consoles are a whole different thing and it might take a year or two.


By that, I mean like a app for Windows 10/Windows 8.1.


App... Well... thats taking it to the next level...

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I hate to say this, but these latest windows phones and software are... well... not too good. Not a lot of people have them so it would be a waste. The computer version will help greatly, though.


Well, maybe the Hopscotch Team can wait until the phones get really popular, then release the app.


To the next level? :confused:
The apps are modern, so, it wouldn't be the next level.
Don't understand what you mean.


Honestly, waiting for the phone to get popular is a waste of time... like seriously... im 12 but i understand how the financial market works... but i wont talk about it because its too harc to understand...

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Ok. But it might be the best idea. :confused:


I think the online resource would eliminate all the problems. Then there would not be a need for Hopscotch as an app, even though it would be a good idea to keep it on iDevices since it is the most commonly used mobile device as far as I know.


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That's cool too, but maybe for the Xbox 360? (I still have one) but there could be more stuff on the xbox one. For example you could say "Xbox follow PhantomPig :pig:"
And maybe there could be a Wii U version, with the gamepad. That would be cool

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I want for Android bc I don't have a personal IPad, I use my school one for Hopscotch. Once it's on Android, I'll be able to be so much more active.

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Wait, how do we get the computer version?

My sister is hogging the iPad...
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There is only the webplayer to play projects not make them yet!


I hope that doesn't take long... :frowning:

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That would take a loooooooong time if so!


I miss Hopscotch! It’s been about 2 years since I have been on Hopscotch because I haven’t had Apple phones or iPads for 2 years. I have a Windows phone rn… so when will Hopscotch be available on Windows phones???

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I haven’t been on HS since Summer 2016… I have an android… I feel you