Hopscotch for older kids? App idea


I know the Hopscotch team is really busy trying to bring Hopscotch to phones, so this probably couldn't happen for awhile,but wouldn't it be cool if there was an app for teenagers where you have to use real code, like Phython, instead of blocks. The app would show us how to put each block into code. We could create the same projects we could on Hopscotch and maybe it could teach us several different languages of code. What do you think of this? Good idea or bad idea?
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-ProgrammedCat/ KittyyCodingg

Hopscotch - Coding for Teens

I LOVE that idea!!! I really want to learn how to do actual code, so I would definitely get that app. I would even pay for it!


Yes. Or, at least, to come up with a "compact view" that helps coders make the transition from big, puffy blocks, that take up as much space as Siberia on your screen, to something that still uses the same commands but in colorful, compact, text-only form - maybe giving access to more advanced control over each sub and otherwise-hidden options for each command.

I'd like it.


Yeah! Maybe still using blocks, but it is like an ability (you can open it up and see the text code it would use to make that per coding language)!




This seems like an awesome idea that I would love to see added, but for now there is an app called Codea that allows Lua scripting in an app with some graphical apis.

Codea is basically what you are asking for, and it even has tutorials!


@BuildASnowman I'll check that out! Thanks!:kissing_heart:


I LOVE this idea. Also maybe Hopscotch could make a kids video sharing (like YouTube) app. Or Photo sharing.


Could you do JavaScript beau although I am only 9 I know that so could we use it?


I know how to do actual code my dad is a computer eengineer so um i guess he teaches me everything


@DreamyLemon same over here


I know javascript and a bit of HTML and C#


Epic idea!! I would love that!


@admins could you work on this idea


I just want to mention that hopscotch IS real code. Just because it is not text based doesn't mean it's not real code. It's just a slightly less complicated coding language.


Certainly. Yes, it is real. And it is capable of a lot more than is typically seen. But I would say that it is more challenging than other languages because of its limitations. @SigmaCodes, I'd like to know: what is the name of your Hopscotch account? I am interested in viewing your projects.


My hopscotch name is xSigma, however it does not have any projects published, as it's just a second account that I made yesterday.


I see, thank you. How can I see things that you have created?


Hopscotch is for all ages and there are apps like hopscotch and apps that aren't that are for hopscotch.