Hopscotch for Computers?



You guys probably know that scratch is for the computer, so I was just thinking, what if hopscotch was for the computer also?
It could have comments (of course no inappropriate), more features and coding blocks, and a much bigger community to get inspired much!
Personal off topic note: I don't make games so much anymore, January is the busiest week for me because I am kind of sick and I have an avalanche of homework.
@Liza, maybe you could consider this thought? :smiley:


The web player on a computer for hopscotch....


not trying to be offensive but SBYP
as I said, not trying to be offencive!


I don't get it? 2020


Search before you post
as I said, not trying to be offencive!


Oh whoopsies my bad :frowning:


And, it'd probably take a lot of code!

Plus, THT still has iPhone, Android, and idk what else editing to do! The iPhone editor is coming "early 2016" (about now or a bit later), so I'm excited for that