Hopscotch for computer?


So I was looking through the official hopscotch youtube channel when I found THIS:

It's a pretty old video, (actually, it's their first video!) and they refer to the device as "iPad", but there's a mouse there! Were they running it in a simulator? Will this ever become a thing? Who knows? @Liza @Meg @Montoya do you guys know?


Wow that's a reeeaallllly old video! I don't know why there is a mouse.


I was thinking, maybe they should make it for computer. Maybe put it in the mac app store for easy installation, or maybe as a google chrome app. Most other ways, such as a .dmg file or .exe file would be too confusing, cause then you have to download it from a website, which isn't very trusty! Even if it's hopscotch's own website!


That would technically be Scratch then! :stuck_out_tongue:


Testing I think. The preview and stuff can work on the computer.


The community


They may have been using it over their web application, in which @Rodrigo has stated that's how they control Hopscotch. I may be wrong, it's just my guess.:slight_smile:


No, that's a completely different thing. The simulator is the thing we use (part of XCode) to test Hopscotch while we're coding it. The web application I was talking about is an admin tool that we use to feature projects, create notifications and that kind of things.


Oh okay, I get it. Thanks for clearing it up @Rodrigo!:grinning:


I would really like online Hopscotch because I use a computer for the forum.


Wow that editor is older than me :open_mouth:


What if someone made a scientific calculator on HS?




Is there such thing as the Windows Store? I didn't know that lol


That would be really useful! (Although some young kids may not know how to use it at first!)


looks for shrugging emoji