Hopscotch for Android


In a previous post, @Liza said that work for Android Hopscotch would begin in 2016. It is now 2018 and still nothing. What’s going on? Did something happen or did you just decide not to do it?


Oh interesting. You should probably email them.


Theres been alot of stuff on this. I do think they should do it but i’m unshure if they can.
i’m ptf


If they can’t do it they could at least pay somebody that can. I know some games do that.


The transition to android is a very difficult transition, which involves having to completely rewrite all of hopscotch’s code in a different coding language.
There is a possibility that they have been working on it, but it takes a very long time.
Or it is not too priority, which makes sense. Hopscotch has other improvements to be made as well


Yes… I would love this…

They probably canceled it because

  1. It is really hard for an app not to get excepted by google

  2. Its be hard to make a universal code for both android and iOS

PS: I’m mainly an android user


They’d have to rewrite hopscotch entirely if they also want other peoples projects from iOS to come over…

They’d have to write it in a universal code and they’d have to check EVERY single function


It’s a good idea and I support it, but as @MK0825
has said, it would be difficult to transition to Android as well, as it means re-writing all the code from scratch and the possibility of a HUGE number of bugs, considering Android devices trying to play games created on iOS. I’d suggest we give time for THT to mold Hopscotch into full functionality on iOS, then consider transitioning to Android.

THT has made a web player on which you can play games made in Hopscotch using a link!


I had a Hopscotch call with Liza and Samantha yesterday. Liza said that Samantha does the bulk of the actual code behind Hopscotch. It sounds like they have a road map planned out for the next few months for working on new features in the app, but I don’t know whether Android is in progress or not. It would be a lot of work for Sam though.


I know this too. I think that you should ask THT (The Hopscotch Team) at help@gethopsoctch.com.


They did say that, didn’t they?
Yes, I agree, it would be a good idea to email them!


Android is a lot more mouldable than iOS. They might be able to create an iOS app player (it’s probably already been done) and then open iOS Hopscotch using that. They wouldn’t even have to re-write Hopscotch.


That’s not exactly how easy it is


I know it’s not that easy, but it might be easier than re-writing Hopscotch


But doing this would spring up problems you wouldn’t have with rewriting it


Look, all I’m saying is that completely re-writing hopscotch isn’t the ONLY option.


Yes, I understand, but it’s the most valid one


It is up to THT though. I don’t really care how they do it as long as they do it.


That’s fair… I would love that


They decided to focus their attention on making Hopscotch for iOS profitable. After they do that, they are going to make an online version of Hopscotch that works on all platforms.