Hopscotch font hacking?


so i was looking through games and i noticed something weird.

the font looks different.
when you play, it looks perfectly normal.

really really weird.


That's weird... D:

Maybe it's so it fits the screen? Idk.


Maybe it's like when you turn your screen the font changes as well!


That's super weird :000
Try emailing Liza! :D
the edit was me putting this in the bugs section


Weird. I have never seen this before, email THT! It´s probably a bug.


Maybe they copy and pasted a different font from of the web? There are sites you can do that.

Or does it not always look like that?

Ask @Liza or email THT!


The preview is from the original person's POV so they could've modified the font via rooting. Anyhow, ask THT.


I think that that person did it on purpose.