Hopscotch flairs?



So while searching in discourse.. I found this

So flairs are pretty much little circles or a little badge to show on your avatar.

Could you add this in THT!

Check the topic to see help for adding the thing.

This can be used so mods have a little shields and could help recognizability for the mods

  • Yes I add flairs!
  • No don't add flairs!


Votes are public.




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Anyone here? :(


Mods already have shields next to their names, but good idea! Same with the Regular title.


What is the purpose of this "flair"? Is this a feature for the forum or for Hopscotch?


The forum

It could show more recognization for mods and such


For the forum.
Reason, it's cool and you can recognize mods and leaders easier.


We don't code or have any power over the forum. It's a third-party software developed by Discourse.org, so we'll use the features that they have.

We support the forum so we can have a community to talk about Hopscotch coding and get help.



Flairs for how long you've been on the forum would be awesome :smiley:


Flairs look pretty cool :smiley:


Mods have little things


They're not exactly flairs, though. Flairs would be above a profile picture. :slight_smile:




You could like a post to agree with someone if you agree with them, by the way. :slight_smile:


Ik. I usually do that.


i believe admins can make changes to the forums, like edit the code and stuff.


Good. But we, the Hopscotch Team, don't give technical support to the forum, sorry.


Admins as in:

what do you mean by, not give tech support?


Technical support (often shortened to tech support) refers to a plethora of services by which enterprises provide assistance to users of technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, software products or other informatic, electronic or mechanical goods.

Technical support according to Wikipedia.


Yeah, they can edit the websites code, but they don't. Because its pretty much impossible to code in a new feature

Although I have made a few discourse plugins and badges that we might want to consider adding :smiley:


but isn't this a discourse feature? or not? i havent checked meta in a while.