Hopscotch Flag Team (H.F.T)


Oh btw Option C


Thanks for the info! Let's spread this! (She also said me tet-a-tet that I should d i e :confused: )


Well the account is suspended now.
Until January my children we should relax


Because I said THT about her (I know who is Delicious-Hamburger).


B, maybe but most likely a




Because I don't want to be rude back to the person.


because I don't like to be mean!



My answer: B :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a flame war on a good topic, is it ok to spam flag to close the topic? Is it ok to spam flag ever?

H.F.T. Tag list

H.F.T Tag List
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Yes it is ok to flag


Or I throw bacon at them


It is not nice to spam flag. This is because someone may actually be really nice, however might have misunderstood and got annoyed.

It's ok to close that topic- make a new one.


You can fake , but do not over do it !!


It's ok to flag. But not ok to spam flag! If it was a flame war, I would flag the meanest posts


To flag is ok, (I'll flag rude posts) but spam-flagging isn't ok!


It is ok to spam like things but if it's already hidden there is no need but before I will tell them to stop


I would do some proper flagging instead of spam-flagging


I don't think it's good to spam flag. I would see what their conversation is, and try to have them calm down


Spam flagging is not okay. In any situation. I agree with @Explorer_, I would try to calm them down. If arguing persists, I would get only of THT members