Hopscotch Flag Team (H.F.T)


Yeah, sure!


Okay thanks!! They just joined and I forgot to add them!!


I would say, "Hey, that's not nice. Please delete that, or it'll hurt ZooGenius' feelings."


Heya! So excited for this challenge!
I would say.... Sorry, but please delete this because a) it is not nice to say which coders you hate, and b) this topic is about your IDOLs.
I would also flag it if they don't listen.


Me: "You went in the wrong topic, dude. This is more a "Who Do You Admire" topic than a "Who Do You Hate" topic, 'kay?"


I would say, "That is not very kind. If you would, could you please delete or edit your post? Thanks :wink:"


My answer: "Hey, that sounds mean + off topic. Here you can share who you like, not don't like. Can you please delete this post?" If this post won't be deleted, I'll flag.
@CodePerfect Did it count? :stuck_out_tongue:


I would say hi ! What you posted isn't nice can u please delete it :D
And if he argues
Please please delete it i know you are nice
And if he doesn't i'll flag it


Plz delete that now. Thanks, :wink:


@Phase_Admin You answered? Or I should delete the activity? :o


He answered I think!!


Flag. And report. I'd avoid posting, but if I did I would say, that's not very nice. Can we please respect others feelings here?


Hi cp do u wanna like work on our project it's been a while and i forgot like everything...


Alright! But let's move to another topic, and now I don't have much time, I'm leavin.g my house soon.


You see a new hopscotcher being really mean, and saying, I hate all of you! You are stupi.d! I'm quitting right now! And worse. What would you do?

  • Flag.
  • Say something like, ok, bye! It's your choice!
  • Say, hey, this could be offensive. Can you please rephrase?
  • Ignore. Why bother.


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Please use the HFT tag list, so everyone will be able to see it!! Thanks!!
EDIT: Nevermind.


Okay ! Cool activity !!!!


This is a mini activity!! We are thinking of a really big activity!!


Can you make another one ????


Yay !! Cool !! When are you goning to ???