Hopscotch Flag Team (H.F.T)


How long have you been on the Hopscotch Forum?: a year and a month
Will you do the challenges? yes
Will you be active? I'll try


Hey there!
Lemme fill out da form first…


How long have you been on the Hopscotch Forum? I've visited for 179 days. I joined since April 23rd
Will you do the challenges? I'll do every single challenge I can!
Will you be active? YAS! I will do my BEST.

Also, I'm happy that people have being borrowing things from H.A.B. Cool club! :D


@CodePerfect When's our first activity? And can mod (me) post activities? Thanks!


Why am I a basic xDD


Our first activities will be soon! Yes you can post activities, after I say it's okay.


Ok thanks for the answer!


You are welcome! The first activity is coming out today!


How long have you been on HS forum! : July I joined but active since August
Will you take on challenges : yes
Will u be active : not all the time (not like every sec.!) but maybe somedays!


Okay you have joined!! Thank you!!


Hope I'm not to late bet you I am :3

Edit: I thought it said Hopscotch but not fourm... woops XD




You have joined too!! @Paige1212 and @Himynameismeredith1 you will both be on the basic list.


Yay thx!


Thanks fam


Hai guys! It's our first activity!
MeowWoof made a "Who are your idol" topic, and SmoothSmoothie posted there: "I really hate ZooGenius' projects! S/he is a very bad coder!!!". What will you do?
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First, I would comment and say "That's not the nicest thing to say, could you please delete it? Thanks!"

If they don't after the warning I would probably flag it.


I would say "That is not very nice ! Please can you delete your post ?"


Great job making the activity!!


Can you add @Paige1212 and @Himynameismeredith1 to the HFT tag list?